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Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for a Spotless Bathroom!

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The truth is we often make the silliest excuses to avoid cleaning our bathrooms. We’re always putting it off till tomorrow until we realize that dozens of “tomorrows” have passed and the bathroom looks like a pigsty! Everyone thinks cleaning the bathroom is a nasty job and no one wants to ... read more

Caring for Elders at Home – How to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

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Where would we be without our parents? Not here, that’s for sure! They brought us into this world, raised us, took care of us to the best of their ability and provided us with all we ever needed and more. But as life goes on, our parents grow older and need us to care for them like they did us... read more

Pet-Proofing Your Home – The Basics and More

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Your family has just expanded with the arrival of your precious new pet and everyone is overjoyed! But if you're welcoming a dog or cat into your home without pet-proofing it, we have to stop you right there! The importance of pet-proofing cannot be ignored for the sake of your pet’s health, y... read more

For the Homemaker – Staying Motivated, Staying Happy

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  How many of your friends complain about their jobs and how unfulfilling it makes their lives? The truth is, one in five people are unhappy in their workplace and career but stick it out because of that much needed paycheck. That brings us to you, the person whose full-time job is to ru... read more

Say Goodbye to Pesky Carpet Beetles

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They may be little, but they can cause big problems! Carpet beetles, though hard to spot most of the time, can damage fibers because they actually eat into the material of your carpet. If you start to notice the weaves coming apart in certain areas of your carpet, chance are you’ve got carpet beet... read more

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