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Wall Cleaning – How to Remove and Prevent Mold Growth

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The combination of humidity and excess moisture in the air can lead to one very unsightly and unhealthy problem in your home; mold growth on your walls. It starts with a little discoloration before you begin to see furry black spots spreading over a patch on your wall. While many homeowners p... read more

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Your Absolute Year-End General Cleaning Guide

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It’s almost New Year’s Day!  Are you planning on celebrating it at Times Square? Do you already have someone to kiss when midnight strikes? You might be one of those who kick-starts their long list of activities by cleaning the house down to the last corner and crevice. As much as you’... read more

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Your Guide To Reducing Holiday Waste For A Cleaner and Greener Christmas

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  Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But aside from the holiday spirit, Christmas comes with other stuff - decorations, presents, gift wrappers, greeting cards and festive food. Each of which adds an extra 25% of trash per year, amounting to about an extra million tons of w... read more

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How to Get More Space in Your Closet?

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How to get more space in your closet? Do you have a small closet? Do you want more space for your new stuff? Or do you open your closet and seem to have “nothing to wear”? Well, there is one simple answer to your problem. Buy a new closet! No, just kidding. If you want to get the space ... read more

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The Damage-Free Guide to Cleaning Chrome Bathroom Fixtures

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As pleasing as it is to the eyes, the downside of having chrome bathroom fixtures is that they get stained and dull rather easily. What’s worse, chrome fixtures can also get rusted over a period of time which leads many homeowners to believe that their bathroom fixtures need replacing, while o... read more

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