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How to Clean Dirty, Dull Stainless Steel – Expect Sparkly Results!

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Almost every household has stainless steel serving dishes, silverware, appliances, or surfaces that include microwaves, coffee makers, utensils, handles/knobs, kitchen sinks, and bathroom fixtures. These appliances and surfaces sparkle – quite literally – when they are brand new, which is... read more

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Wall Cleaning – How to Remove and Prevent Mold Growth

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The combination of humidity and excess moisture in the air can lead to one very unsightly and unhealthy problem in your home; mold growth on your walls. It starts with a little discoloration before you begin to see furry black spots spreading over a patch on your wall. While many homeowners p... read more

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Decluttering 101: Where Should I start?

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It's normal for every house to have a little bit of clutter lying around it now and then. But when does it become a problem? Well, for most people, the mess can be an energy zapper - wasting time looking for things they can't find. If you have trouble finding things you need, then it is time ... read more

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Kicking Habits that Keep You From Cleaning

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Every day, you’re faced with a lot of commitments that take up most up your time. You have your family to take care of, work to attend to, and even your tasks to complete. With all this happening, cleaning the whole house may be on the bottom of your to-do list. You may have chosen one whol... read more

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Your Absolute Year-End General Cleaning Guide

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It’s almost New Year’s Day!  Are you planning on celebrating it at Times Square? Do you already have someone to kiss when midnight strikes? You might be one of those who kick-starts their long list of activities by cleaning the house down to the last corner and crevice. As much as you’... read more

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