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Cleaning Service Ann Arbor

Hiring an Excellent Cleaning Services in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Many households hire a cleaning service in Ann Arbor, Michigan due to the need of having better management of time and also balancing their priorities abound their busy work schedules, children’s soccer games, or just trying to find the time to relax and enjoy a cup of your morning coffee. You enjoy that Michigan game at the U of M Stadium and we will take care of the dirty work! Go Blue!

House cleaning services in Ann Arbor are becoming more of a required service today to help with your busy work life balance while providing your family that well deserved the peace of mind that your home cleaning is one thing you won’t need to worry about.

With articles that are showing the benefits of hiring Ann Arbor house cleaning and how those services can actually help improve your health, and even your marriage according to a recent blog post in the Huffington Post, and another article in The Wall Street Journal. Maids in a Minute is here to help! Book now!

We hope you like our vision and also give us the chance to become your Ann Arbor house cleaning service. As a result, we look forward to speaking with you and hope to have you as another member of our Maids in a Minute family.

When you’re raising a family, an entire day is often never enough to manage the household. While you focus on work, who will focus on keeping your home fresh and clean? If keeping up with the cleaning has always been a challenge to you, allow our maid service in Ann Arbor to sweep right in and take care of the little things, so you can concentrate on what matters. We make it our mission to take care of your household while you take care of the people who matter to you.

Truth be told, it’s never easy juggling different responsibilities such as ensuring your family’s needs are provided for while you focus on your career. Who has time to clean when you have a career to run, anyway? This is where we come in: through our careful and detailed cleaning expertise, you can make your family feel your tender loving and care. Make your loved ones enjoy the comfort and warmth of a clean, refreshing home while you concentrate on work and other worthwhile activities.

Ann Arbor House Cleaning Service


Every SuperMan and Woman needs a sidekick!

What makes our maid service a cut above the rest in Ann Arbor it’s our commitment to providing quality results. Our clients’ satisfaction matters to us, which is why we can confidently guarantee that you get thorough and eco-friendly, green cleaning.

Needless to say, we will take care of your home as if it were our own. Our cleaning pros use safe cleaning chemicals and equipment and are trained to use careful methods when handling and cleaning your appliances and furniture.

We stick to schedules, provide flat pricing, and our easy, online booking service means you can set a cleaning schedule with us in as little as 60 seconds.

Spend what little free time you have on making beautiful memories with your family and friends. Our reliable experts make it possible for you to free up your weekend afternoons so you can witness milestones in your family’s life.

Without doing the dirty work yourself, you can keep your home clean and comfortable for the ones you love through our detailed cleaning services.

Get your insured and bonded cleaning experts today with Maids in a Minute!

Ann Arbor Cleaning Service


√   Deep clean the interior and exterior of major appliances, including Ovens, Oven Hoods, Refrigerators, and also Freezers.

Baseboard Cleaning

√   Detailed cleaning of Baseboards, hand washed to remove dirt, and debris.

Blind Cleaning

√    Detailed cleaning of custom or standard blinds, hand washed to remove dirt, and debris.


√   Detailed cleaning of all interior and hand cleaning of the exterior surfaces of Cabinets. (Cabinets must be emptied prior to our arrival in order for us to clean inside)

Eco-Friendly, Green Cleaning

√   Our Green Cleaning option gives your home the same detailed house cleaning, but utilizing using earth friendly cleaning products from Seventh Generation, the Nation’s leading brand of eco- friendly household cleaning products. (Currently, no chemical company offers a true Green Disinfectant, but we use the most earth-friendly option)

Furniture Cleaning – Cloth and/or Leather

√   Detail cleaning of your furniture includes hand vacuuming of your furniture, or polishing of leather furniture, also vacuuming under the cushions, and getting into those hard to reach places that seldom get cleaned. (We do not move furniture that weighs over 25lbs)

Interior Wall Cleaning

√   Detailed cleaning of the interior walls, power outlets, light switch plates, doors, hardware, door frames, and trim. All surfaces cleaned to remove dirt and minor debris. (This is an optional add-on hourly service – it is not included in our deep clean package)

Interior Window Cleaning

√   Detail cleaning of window tracks and window sills. (Interior window glass is an optional add-on service – it is not included in our deep clean package)

Linen Service

√   Our Linen service offers you the option to leave fresh linens available for us to change on your beds, or to straighten up your existing linens. (Our Linen service is not to be confused with laundry service rather, we currently choose not to offer laundry services at this time)

The Maids in a Minute Difference for Your Ann Arbor Home


When you may not be able to have someone come in daily, or even weekly to clean your Michigan home, we are here to help. At Maids in a Minute we offer superior deep cleaning services. Our professional cleaning technicians spend extra time and utilize powerful tools and cleaning agents to clean your home, walls, counters and everything in between. It is a labor intensive task but is required much less frequently. With our deep cleaning service, you can call on us once a quarter for a seasonal clean and rest assured your home is sanitary, pristine and germ-free.

Our Ann Arbor Deep Cleaning Service Company Provides

Have you moved to your new Ann Arbor home and thinking of how to clean up your home? No have nothing to worry! Hire Maids in a Minute your professional house cleaning company to make your work easier. Our services are professional maid services that meant to give you complete relief to unpack your things and help you in arranging your home neat and keep it clean. Maids in a Minute is dependable and reliable that can keep your household goods safe and the most reliable cleaning service company.

Where We Serve in Ann Arbor

Residential Cleaning Services in Ann Arbor Michigan

Depending on your budget, whether you want to hire a professional cleaning service, it is a must that we clean up our house. It is where we accept guests and the company of our families and friends so you better make sure it is clean and dirt-free. Our Ann Arbor cleaning services‘ role is to make sure we clean up using the specified tools from the ceiling all the way to the floor. The goal at Maids in a Minute is to maintain the areas and equipment as clean as possible.

House Cleaning


Professional Ann Arbor Michigan house cleaning services are perfect for those who do not have time to clean their homes themselves. Maids in a Minute will come to you at your convenience and perform regular cleanings or take care of those one time events.

Apartment Cleaning


People on a busy schedule are often too busy to do much more than a cursory cleaning of their home, apartment or condo. Our professional Ann Arbor Michigan apartment cleaners are thorough, friendly and efficient.

Professional Maid Services


Have you moved to your new Ann Arbor Michigan home and thinking of how to clean up your home. Hire our [main_area] maid service company to make your work easier.

Carpet Cleaning


Your home’s carpet is a reflection of the state of your home. With every neighbor, friend and family member you invite over, your carpet will make an impression, so keeping it clean is essential. That is why Maids in a Minute offers the most thorough and comprehensive carpet cleaning services available to Ann Arbor Michigan homeowners.

Deep Cleaning


When you may not be able to have someone come in daily, or even weekly to clean your Ann Arbor Michigan home, we are here to help. At Maids in a Minute we offer Deep Cleaning. Our professional cleaning technicians spend extra time and utilize more powerful tools and cleaning agents to clean deep down into your carpets, walls, counters and everything in between.

Recurring Cleaning Services


Between work and the family, extra-curricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be hard to make time for thorough and effective house cleaning. That’s ok, Maids in a Minute has you covered!

Our Michigan Residential Cleaning Experts Provide the Following Services:

  • Recurring Cleaning Services
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Maid Services
  • Apartment Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning
  • Linen Services

Recurring Cleaning Services In Ann Arbor Michigan



Between work and the family, extra-curricular activities and a host of other distractions, it can be hard to make time for thorough and effective house cleaning. That is ok because Maids in a Minute has you covered. We offer recurring cleaning services to Ann Arbor Michigan’s homes, With Maids in a Minute, we’ll carefully and completely clean your entire home while you can handle your obligations and chores. Spend some quality time with the family and leave the dirty work to us.

Weekly Cleaning Services for our Michigan Clients

A cluttered, dirty house can result in distraction, worry and even declining health. If you know you’re leaving only to come back to a mess, how will that affect your performance at work or your time with friends and family?

We can help get your life back in order with our weekly cleaning service. Let us maintain your home so you can better maintain your life!

Bi-Weekly Cleaning in Ann Arbor is our most popular service!

There is a simple way to maintain the house well without having to interrupt your daily life. Using Maids in a Minute’s Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service for your home or office maximizes your productivity and free time.

Professional Maid Service Ann Arbor, MI


Have you moved to your new Michigan home and thinking of how to unpack, setup and clean out the unpacking mess? Hire our Ann Arbor maid service to make your work easier. Our services are professional and meant to relieve the stress of unpacking and arranging your home. Maids in a Minute will have your home tidy and smelling fresh before you know it just in time for you to invite over that important house guest.

Our professional Ann Arbor maid services will give you peace of mind and high-quality service that you deserve.

Our Michigan Maid Service Company Provides

Cleaning Tips From Your Michigan House Cleaning Professionals – Maids in a Minute

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We encourage all our clients to share what they think about our work. This feedback allows us to grow and get better all the time, so we’re very thankful for whatever you have to say!

- Julie Macker ~ Lapeer, MI

This is a really convenient service. You just book the appointment online, make changes from your account as needed, and a maid shows up whenever you order one, even if you only give them a days notice! The one time they weren't able to accommodate my last minute request, they called me right away and arranged to have a maid come out later in the evening so my house would be clean before my visitors arrived. The maids they send aren't always that quick, but that is because they take their time and do a really thorough job. The girls are always very friendly too, it's a pleasure having them in my home.

- Stephen Bird ~ Flint, MI

You should use this cleaning company for sure. They are very good, I always get the best clean.

- Alp Paul ~ Lexington, MI

Becca has been genuinely kind, patient and professional with me because I have never had Maid services before. I asked so many questions that I would have hung up on "ME".

- Megan Donner ~ Auburn Hills, MI

My sister booked a clean from here for my birthday and it was fantastic! Julitta took her time and did a wonderful job, my house has never been so clean! I'll definitely be rebooking again in the future!

- Theresa Powers ~ Saginaw, MI

Jeanine is a great cleaner, and so sweet! She does an awesome job on my home, and with the recurring client discounts, it's affordable too! I hope to stay with this company for a long time to come!

- Lonnie Pearson ~ Lexington, MI

Wow am I happy I found this place. we had a bunch of construction done on our home, and the dust was totally out of hand. I have lung issues and was not able to clean up myself, and needed it done right away for health reasons. this company came right away on next to no notice and cleaned up all of the dust really well