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5 Easy Steps To Clean Your Shower Door Tracks

Many homeowners don’t want to deal with shower door tracks due to their hard-to-reach areas. However, you know this chore is due when you can’t slide that shower door as easily as before.

So, how can you return your shower door tracks to its pristine condition? You’ll find the answer in our practical guide for you!

First, be sure to have these items handy

Having the right tools and products ready will make the process smoother and more efficient. So, before anything else, be sure you are prepared.

You’ll need cleaning tools like an old toothbrush or a small scrubbing brush, a microfiber cloth wrapped around a small knife or sponge, white vinegar, a bucket, and warm water. These will let you clean any hard-to-reach spots and save you the hassle of searching for cleaning tools mid-session.

Step #1. Remove loose debris

Start your cleaning by removing loose debris from the shower door tracks. Over time, dirt, hair, and soap scum can accumulate in these areas, and getting rid of them before moving on to deeper cleaning is essential.

Use your small brush or toothbrush to gently dislodge and remove loose dirt and hair. This initial step will make it easier to tackle the more stubborn grime in the tracks later on.

Step #2. Mix a homemade cleaning solution

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket to prepare an effective cleaning solution. If you’re dealing with particularly tough stains or mold, you can use two parts of vinegar for every part of water.

White vinegar is an excellent choice for breaking down soap scum and mineral deposits (due to its acidity), which are the usual suspects blocking your shower door tracks.

Step #3. Apply your DIY cleaning solution

Once you have prepared your cleaning solution, apply it to the shower door tracks. Spray the tracks generously until the grime is evenly soaked. If your shower tracks are built like a frame around your shower, be sure to also spray the sides and the top.

Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. This dwell time will help break down and loosen the dirt and grime, making their removal easier.

Step #4. Scrub away the grime

After the allotted time, grab your small brush or toothbrush and start scrubbing with a circular motion to thoroughly dislodge the gunk from the tracks. Pay special attention to any areas with visible stains or mold.

Combining the cleaning solution and scrubbing should help remove even the most stubborn residue. Just take your time with this step, as ensuring the tracks are completely clean is crucial.

Step #5. Rinse and dry thoroughly

Once you’re sure there’s no more dirt stuck to the tracks, rinse them thoroughly with clean, warm water. You can use a detachable shower head or a cup to pour water over the tracks. Ensure all the cleaning solution and loosened debris are washed away.

After rinsing, the tracks must dry completely. However, don’t let them air dry as moisture can encourage future dirt and mold buildup, and water could leave minerals behind. Instead, use a kitchen sponge or a microfiber wrapped around a knife to absorb the water.

Keep your tools and home always clean!

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