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6 Easy Tips To Make Your Bedroom Dust-proof

A dusty bedroom can totally ruin your plans for relaxation and become a breeding ground for sneezy allergies, not to mention stress you out. However, you can avoid that from happening to your bedroom with these six super simple tips. Get ready to start!

Tip #1. Use anti-dust bedding

When it comes to dust-busting, your bedding choices matter a lot. If you want your bed to be a dust-free haven, snag some hypoallergenic pillow covers and mattress protectors. They’re an excellent repellent for dust mites and allergens.

Another great option is to get woven cotton or microfiber sheets and pillowcases. These fibers won’t trap dust like other types of fabrics do.

Tip #2. Do your laundry often

Your sheets, pillowcases, and comforters can turn into a dust-magnet central over time. So, make it a regular thing to wash them with hot water (above 130°F) every one or two weeks, depending on how much dust your bedroom attracts.

Don’t forget to include the curtains in the cleaning plans. If they can’t handle the washing machine, send them to the dry cleaner. Keeping your fabric stuff clean is a sneeze-saving move for your bedroom’s air quality.

Tip #3: Keep most of the dust outside!

Even if your bedroom is tucked deep into your home, outside dust can reach it—especially if you have doors facing outside directly. Protect your outdoor areas, like balconies and entrances, from dust and dirt so they can’t sneak into your bedroom!

The same goes for window sills and door thresholds. A quick sweep now and then will make sure dust doesn’t get a foothold in your pristine bedroom.

Tip #4. Seal up any dust entry points

Outdoor air carries pesky dust particles that can sneak indoors, so shut down those windows and doors nice and tight! If you want to go even further, use weatherstripping to close any gaps around doors and windows where dust might sneak in.

Of course, you’ll still want fresh air in your room, especially on hot days. So, pop in some window screens to filter out the unwelcome dust while staying cool.

Tip #5. Dust and vacuum frequently

Dusting and vacuuming are your dynamic duo for a dust-free zone. To dust, use a microfiber cloth or an electrostatic duster to capture those particles, not spread them around. Don’t forget to check those sneaky spots like baseboards, ceiling corners, and light fixtures!

Vacuum at least once a week, with special attention to areas near windows and doors. Don’t neglect to empty the vacuum dustbin or change the bag regularly. That’s the secret to keeping dust at bay.

Tip #6. Declutter for a dust-free zone

Less stuff means less dust hiding and settling. Keep it simple and declutter your shelves and desktop to minimize dust buildup. It’s not about going full minimalistic mode but rather about only keeping what you use regularly.

However, don’t shove things in the closet—that just moves the clutter around! Instead, you can organize your stuff neatly in cabinets and drawers.

Discover more tips to keep your place clean!

Remember, a dust-free bedroom is just the beginning. If you want to enjoy a stress-free environment, your whole house has to be dust-free, too! Maids In A Minute has loads of tips and tricks to keep your whole place looking sharp. Check out more on our blog!

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