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Two Effective Ways To Wash Your Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber towels are amazing cleaning tools and heavy-duty…with the proper care. After much wiping and dusting, they might not do the job that well anymore and even start to smell. Do you have to throw them out? Not at all! Here’s how to clean microfiber cloths effectively. The easier way: Use the

How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpets (Using Common Tools!)

Dog hair and fabrics get along better than you would like. When carpets are involved, things can get out of hand—especially when not even your trusty vacuum cleaner seems to fix the issue. However, there are tools incredibly suited for removing dog hair from your carpets, some in unexpected ways!  Check out

5 Harmful Cleaning Combinations You Should Know Of

The chemicals inside your favorite cleaning products help you leave your home spotless. However, they can be harmful if not used correctly. Keep yourself safe by avoiding these five cleaning combos. Maids in A Minute delivers safe and effective cleaning services no matter what you need. Check out our packages!

How To Quickly Clean Your Dishwasher

Even though dishwashers work their magic with soap and water, they’ll still get dirty—all those crumbs and gunk on your dishes must go somewhere. Besides, the leftovers and moisture can make your dishwasher smell funky. If you think your dishwasher needs a cleaning ASAP, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll

5 Things To Avoid When Washing Your Clothes

Doing laundry can quickly become problematic if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, be careful not to commit these common laundry mistakes and save yourself the trouble of fixing your clothes later. Do you lack time to do much else besides the laundry? Maids In A Minute can help you with

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