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Early Cleaning: 6 Tips To Teach Chores To Kids

If your children are ready to help at home, clean-up time must be a priority. Even the youngest members of your household can manage tasks such as picking up dirty laundry or toys. However, adding these “no-fun” activities to your children’s daily routine can be difficult. If you don’t know how to

5 Ways To Ruin a Vacuum Cleaner

If you want clean carpets and a dust-free home, vacuum cleaners will always be helpful. However, there are mistakes you might be making. Here are five of them. Maids in a Minute can take care of home cleaning. Book now!

5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home With Reduced Mobility

Reduced mobility may be caused by a medical condition, but it can also occur after surgery, an injury, or due to age. Whether you are going through temporary mobility difficulties or a permanent change in your lifestyle, keeping up with the housework may pose a challenge.  However, there are some actions you

5 Best Bleach Alternatives To Use In Your Home

Most households still use chlorine bleach in multiple cleaning chores. However, there are many other safe alternatives to this harsh chemical. Here are five options! Do you need a helping hand with the cleaning? Maids in a Minute offers reliable and quality maid services. Book online now!

5 Helpful Tips For Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances

Why is every kitchen appliance made of stainless steel? One reason is that stainless steel makes your kitchen look great! Also, this type of material is resistant and doesn’t need much maintenance.  However, stainless steel needs constant cleaning. Otherwise, fingerprints and other small stains could make it look dirtier than it really

3 Reasons Why It’s Not Wrong To Skip Cleaning Chores

More people than you realize feel compelled to clean their homes. It doesn’t mean that everyone is compulsively deep cleaning every time they can, but many homeowners might feel guilty about not cleaning.  Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, this blog post is for you!  No one needs to

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