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5 Effective Methods To Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing

Clean shower tiles are a necessary part of having good personal hygiene—a spotless bathroom means a clean body. However, keeping tiles that way can take a lot of time and effort, which not many homeowners are willing to spend.

Luckily, you can try these five hassle-free methods to clean shower tiles without scrubbing!

Method #1. Steam clean

This is the easiest method if you’re dealing with only a thin layer of grime. You can go either with a steam cleaner or use the shower.

If you’re using a steam cleaner, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. On the other hand, to use the shower itself, run hot water for ten minutes for the steam to build up, then wipe the tiles clean.

Method #2. Vinegar and detergent

If you find white chalky residue on your tiles, you may be dealing with mineral residue from hard water, in which case you’ll need something to dissolve those minerals. 

White vinegar has acidic properties, meaning it can break down those mineral layers easily. Make a tile cleaner by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and detergent in a spray bottle. Spray the tiles with the solution and leave it for an hour. Then, run water in the shower to rinse.

Method #3. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide become an excellent solution if you just want to clean general grime and stains. The baking soda will help dissolve most of the residue, and the hydrogen peroxide will help break stains.

First, you need to prepare this cleaner. Form a paste by mixing half a cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide. Then spread the paste over the stained tiles and grout, and after thirty minutes, wipe it off with a cloth and rinse with plain water.

Method #4. Oxygen bleach

If you’re struggling with stubborn stains, mold, or mildew, try cleaning the tiles with oxygen bleach. This potent chemical product is perfect for dealing with tough grime and bacteria, so you’ll have a clean and disinfected shower!

However, when using this (and any kind of) bleach, you should always dilute it. Mix three tablespoons of oxygen bleach in two gallons of water and pour or spray it over the tiles. Wait for fifteen minutes and rinse with clean water.

Note: Avoid harming your skin or breathing in too many chemicals! Keep the area ventilated and wear gloves when handling bleach.

Method #5. Borax and hydrogen peroxide

If nothing else works, you can try this strong combination. However, you should leave this as a last resort since cleaning your shower too often with these products can damage it. Also, keep in mind that this method takes a long time, which will keep the shower off-limits for the day.

Start by making a paste of ½ a cup of borax and 1½ half cups of water, spread this over the stained tiles, and leave them for five hours.

Once the time’s passed, spray hydrogen peroxide on the tiles and wait two more hours. After the allotted time, you can wipe away the cleaning products with a microfiber cloth (or a rag you don’t need) and let the water run in the shower to rinse.

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