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5 Effective Tricks To Get You Motivated To Clean Your Home

You are not alone; everyone can feel like they don’t want to clean from time to time. Besides, housework is the last thing on your mind after a busy day. 

However, your house will show signs of neglect if you avoid housekeeping for too long. So, in the long run, the best route is to keep up with the chores. 

Sometimes, you only need a little help to get you started. Check out the following tricks to motivate yourself to clean your home.

#1. Clean in 10-minute bursts

Procrastination happens for many reasons, like overthinking and planning too much instead of doing. For some people, the bigger the task, the more likely they’ll put it off. 

So, an easy way to fix this is by jumping right into the action. Pick a timer (a kitchen timer preferable to avoid distractions) and set it for 10 minutes. Then, start cleaning anything, and allow yourself to stop when time goes off—even if you haven’t finished the task.

This might not be the most effective way to tackle housework, but you’ll get something done at least. Besides, you can gradually increase the time you decide to put into housework.

#2. Make a cleaning playlist

Believe it or not, distracting yourself during housework can help you clean more. Most cleaning chores are repetitive, so you don’t need to put all your attention into the task. Besides, listening to your favorite tracks can lift your spirits—especially if they’re upbeat.

The playlist can also work as a timer. Keep cleaning until the last song ends.

#3. Write down a cleaning checklist

As said before, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed when facing a big, daunting task. So, to make housework more manageable, you can break down your cleaning routine into specific tasks and write them down as a list. 

Instead of trying to “clean your home” at once, tackle your list as you wrote it down. Each task individually will be less daunting! Besides, you can cross out each task you finish to have a visual representation of your progress.

#4. Invite people over to your house

People can get used to the mess, but that can change suddenly if someone else visits their home. You can use it as a trick to motivate you to clean your home—or at least the living room.

Invite some friends or family over to a party or dinner. Pin a date on your gathering, and focus on getting your home ready before that day.

#5. Pick a reward for each task

Even if you are aware, rewarding yourself could spark the motivation you need to tackle the chores. 

The key to making it work is being generous and reasonable with yourself, so pick a reward and write it down next to a specific chore. The reward can be a TV show, a meal, or anything you want. Once you handle that task, relax and enjoy!

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