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5 Tips for Cleaning a Flint Home That Has a Pet

ann-arbor-maid-cleaning1How Does Home That Has a Pet Get More Livelier

Home that has a pet is one of life’s most enjoyable attributes. They are fun, loving and adorable. Unfortunately, pets are also a lot of work and responsibility. Pets are made to live outdoors, but we enjoy having them indoors. One of the biggest problems of having a pet is keeping them clean and your house clean.

 Tips for Cleaning a Flint Home That Has a Pet

  1. Brush A Pet Outside

If you have a hairy pet, especially a long haired dog, it is going to shed during the summer months. This is a survival mechanism to keep your pet cooler during the hot months. Unfortunately, their fur is going to be everywhere. The best way to avoid annoying, stray pet hair is to brush your pet daily. You should always brush your pet outside to keep from contributing to the hair that’s already in your home.

  1. Bath Your Pet

One of the best ways to keep your home from smelling is to keep your pet from smelling. Thankfully, if y you have a cat, it will clean itself unless it is too old or ill. However, if you own a dog, it is important to bath your dog at least once a month. This will not only keep your pet prettier and healthier, but it will also make your entire house smell better. It will also contribute to reducing the amount of stray fur in your home.

  1. Choose Pet Friendly Floors

Your pet walks around the floors of your home constantly, and when they aren’t walking, they are laying on it or rolling around on it. When you are building a new home or remodeling a new home, consider your pet’s needs. Installing pet friendly floors can save you hassle in the future.

Several Flint pet owners agree that the best type of pet flooring is porcelain or ceramic tile with epoxy grout. It is easier to clean, and you can choose a color that won’t show dirt or hair as easily. With this type of floor you will need to add pet friendly rugs and slip-free mats to make it easier for your pet to walk on.

If you are not remodeling your home, and you already have carpet in your house, you can invest in a power vacuum and machine washable rugs. This can keep the already existing carpet in your home from smelling.

  1. Train Your Pet

A pet  that is not train is more likely to destroy something in your house. When they destroy items in your home, they leave slobber and stains all around your home. Not to mention, the particles of whatever they destroyed will be scatter throughout your home.

Investing in training your pet to wait to go outside to use the bathroom will make your house smell better, and you can train them to stay off the furniture, which can lock in pet odors.

  1. Tackle Pet Stains Quickly

Any type of stain you get on the carpet or furniture of your home needs to be removed quickly as possible, but this is especially true about pet stains. Pet stains can lock in a certain type of odor that will be nearly impossible to get rid of without removing the stain. A pet-owner should have certain cleaning supplies and odor removers around their homes at all times. Quick and easy access to stain remover can dramatically improve the appearance of your home.

Having a pet is great fun for the entire family, and these tips for cleaning your Flint home with a pet will make life much easier.

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