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6 Tips To Avoid The Stuffy Smell In Your Home During Winter

6 Tips To Avoid The Stuffy Smell In Your Home During Winter

The cold weather is here and that means it’s time to close the windows and turn on the heating. Also, our shoes and boots will be dirty all the time and bring unwanted slush. As you may know, these factors could cause a stuffy smell in your house. So, keep reading to discover how to circulate air during winter and get rid of those bad odors.

Don’t leave the windows close all the time

To avoid a stuffy house in winter, perhaps you want to keep all windows and doors closed, but this prevents fresh air from getting inside your home. Now and then, open your windows a little during the day. That will get new air circulating in your home, and the bad odors will lower.

Vacuum constantly

Not only is the dirt on your floors causing your furniture to always be covered with dust, but also it can make the air stuffy too. During winter, when our boots are dirty and our windows closed, it’s really easy to have stained floors and poor air ventilation. Keep your vacuum cleaner handy and give a quick clean every day to your floors.

Keep your shoes and clothes dry

If you leave your clothes a little wet in the interior of your house (perhaps, after washing or a winter storm), inevitably that will provoke that characteristic smell of humidity. To avoid this, put your soaked clothes in the dirty clothes basket or used the dryer machine to eliminate the moisture.

Change your air filters

Surely, hot summer and windy autumn left your air filters dirty. When the first cold night of the winter arrives, you won’t want to use your heating without checking it first. Buy those new filters for your HVAC system, take your time to change it, and get it working properly. Say goodbye to that musty smell provoked by your dirty filters.

Get some houseplants

In addition, having a few houseplants can make a difference. Not only a little green friend can be a fresh and cute decoration for your home, but also their breathing process can eliminate toxins from the air. There are lots of plants that can help you with that and are very easy to take care of, like Spider plants, Boston ferns, and peace lilies.

Get your chimney checked

A dirty fireplace is going to produce a bad smell when you use it. If it’s the first time in months you’re lighting up your chimney, there’s a big chance you need to clean it first. When the interior walls of the structure are black or sticky with kerosene, that’s another sign your fireplace needs a cleanup. Furthermore, a stuffed smell can be the least of your problems, for a dirty chimney can increase your risk of a house fire accident.

Following these good practices will make the stuffy sensation in your house disappear. Remember that the main principle is to get the air circulating. Also, if you need help with your cleaning chores this winter, contact us, and we’ll get the job done.

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