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6 Ways To Avoid Clutter At Home And Live A Simpler Life

Getting home and looking at all those disorganized stuff is a bit discouraging. Living a simpler life is the key to eliminating clutter and having a neat and tidy home, but how to achieve it? There are certain rules or principles you can follow in your daily routine. Keep reading and learn how to purge your house.

1. Live under your own means 

To have a less cluttered home means that, primarily, you have to follow a basic but essential principle: live simpler. This doesn’t imply that you stop buying material things. Living simpler has to do with acknowledging your environment and letting enough space for your home to breathe. Let the size of your home dictate the amount of stuff you can have and store. Instead of desiring a bigger closet, make peace with the one you already have.

2. Everything in its right place

Another basic rule for decluttering: have a place for everything. A cluttered home doesn’t mean that you own too many things; it also can be that you have lots of stuff in limbo, like on tables, countertops, or the floor. How to reduce clutter? Organize your home by giving these misplaced objects a proper place. As a suggestion: use your old shoe boxes, buy clear plastic containers, or look for a big console table with lots of drawers.

3. Make storing easy

Aiming for a tidier home requires more than just willpower. Be smart about your storing places and wisely decide the easiest system for you to follow. A good piece of advice is to store things where you use them. This will spare you the effort of walking across the hallway to store the item you were using in another room. Or just as simple as keeping your storing spot nearby.

4. Purge regularly

Even if you follow these principles, chances are that you still will have clutter to clear. We can’t help it, storing things are also part of our survivalism (you may one day need that wooden wardrobe you found almost for free on a garage sale or those suitcases that you don’t use because you don’t travel often). Because of that, it’s better to define a time for a proper purging and get rid of cluttered stuff.

5. Make donations

Making donations is an excellent way to do a purge. Some of that stuff you keep in your home can go to better hands. Schedule a donation day, perhaps once or twice a year, for you to get rid of those extra blankets, pottery, or clothes that are accumulating dust in your home. If you’re indecisive about whether or not to throw that stuff away, put it in a bag near your closet and wait one or two months to see if you really need it.

6. Follow the system, “One in, one out.”

To finish with this list here’s a simple but effective strategy. Every time you buy something new you have to donate, sell or throw away another item in your house. This will help you put limits on your space and also cherish more your possessions. Just remember, this doesn’t mean that you have to own a certain number of things, you can always add a new item if you truly need it.

There you go! Found this helpful? Keep reading our blogs to find out more useful tips for your home maintenance. If you need help with your daily cleaning chores, schedule a cleaning service with Maids in a Minute.

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