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Decluttering 101: Where Should I start?

It’s normal for every house to have a little bit of clutter lying around it now and then. But when does it become a problem? Well, for most people, the mess can be an energy zapper – wasting time looking for things they can’t find.

If you have trouble finding things you need, then it is time to start decluttering and getting organized.  Sometimes it can be quite difficult to point out what to keep and what to discard. So here are some tips to help you remove clutter:

Set goals

Like any other task, everything works efficiently and quickly with a plan. No matter how big your house is or how much clutter you have to go through, beginning with specific, achievable goals can help you devise a plan.

  • Jot down all the rooms and ‘clutter hot-spots’ you need to control.
  • Give each place a grade based on the severeness of the mess. Like for example, on a scale of 1-3 with the latter being the most cluttered, a very messy closet or room would get an automatic 3. This method will help you set priorities for the decluttering tasks.
  • Do one place at a time.
  • Work out on a schedule that fits your routine.

Devise a sorting system

As you go through with your plan, you will need a system for sorting items you would encounter. You can be creative and go with your method, or use one of the most common organizational techniques called the “Three-Box Method.” Label three boxes, one is for keeping, one for tossing or discarding, and another for storing. You could also do a fourth box for recycling or donations.  That will help you decide what to do with all the things that are taking up space.

Getting rid of the clutter

When you’re getting rid of unwanted clutter, you have to ask yourself the Marie Kondo question, “Does it bring you joy?”. This question will undoubtedly give you a heads up on what or what not to throw in the garbage bins.

If you must throw away your mess, you have a few options, and some of the most common are:

  • Recycling. All recyclable papers, plastics, and glasses go directly to your recycle bin. Everything that you see that could be reused and recycled. Go ahead and get creative!
  • Donate. Grab all the stuff that you think is still in good condition and can be of use to other people. Call a relative or a family member if they want it, or if you support a particular cause, do a quick search on the web to find out a few local options.
  • Sell them. Make a profit of your old things. You can set up your garage sale in your front yard or post them online on Craigslist or eBay.

Now that the important points had been established, it’s now time to get decluttering!

Methods of decluttering.

Before committing to an entire room, start with something small that after finishing will give you a sense of accomplishment. Taking baby steps can make an impact and eventually lead to a more significant change in your clutter level.

Clear off all flat surfaces.

Shelves, countertops and the like are ultimate clutter-magnets. Bills, mails, magazines, and other whatnots are just some of the things that tend to consume these surfaces at home. But is it the ideal place for them? The answer is no.

If in case you need to keep just a few things on the countertops, then that’s okay. But make sure that you make it a goal to free your surfaces from the most mess.

Keeping similar things together.

It’s imperative to group your stuff into categories in organizing your home. In fact, having similar things together forces you to be organized, and will make your life easier! Put away like items close to the place you’ll use them and not only will you know where they are when the time comes that you need them, but it will also reduce some of your daily frustrations in life!

Now start your Room-to-Room Decluttering.

You are now ready to take on your home decluttering! Doing it room-by-room is the most efficient way to get rid of the mess and organize your home. Most importantly, you will achieve a sense of accomplishment as you finish a room!

General tip: As you go through each room of your home, if you see unnecessary stuff, you can pick it up and store them away.

Follow the plan that you made as a guide, but if you’re still looking for an idea, here’s one you can consider!


Start by doing the bedroom drawers. Take everything out of each drawer and assess if they deserve to stay in your bedroom through the following questions:

  • Does it really belong in the bedroom?
  • Had it been for use the past year?

If you had answered ‘no’ to the either of the two, don’t think twice and put it directly in your “throw it away” bin or move it to the place where it belongs.

If you are now going to place your stuff back into the drawers, you can try adding DIY dividers or small containers to put like things together.

Keep flat surfaces clear.

Or if not, ‘almost clear’ is okay. You can have a few decorations such as a lamp or pictures, yet try to limit each surface to less than about five things. When you have lesser things lying around flat surfaces in your room, it will feel more relaxing and peaceful.


You can start by doing the kitchen counters because they are clutter magnets. So beginning the magic there can make you feel accomplished already!

First, clear your kitchen counters and leave about 3-5 essential items like a knife block or a coffee maker. Then, you can put away or find another storage for everything you had cleared off. Identify which is junk and throw them away.


Decluttering bathrooms primarily requires organizing and purging items consuming your shelves, countertops, and drawers.  

  1. Pull all your stuff out of the drawers and closets. Throw away unnecessary items and if not, find a good place for them.
  2. Gather all like things together.
  3. Get rid of things with no use or donate them.
  4. Place stuff from where they came from and keep them organized.

Living Room

Where do we go for relaxation? The living room, of course! It can get a bit difficult to unwind when the whole place is cluttered with books, toys, blankets, cables, and magazines, right? Follow these organization tips and get your living room relaxed vibes in no time!

  1. Clear out the room of things that don’t belong in the room
  2. Add more storage and use it accordingly
  3. Un-decorate
  4. Remove and Donate or Sell Unused items you find
  5. Collect and organize the cables and cords

With this guide, you never have to waste time thinking where to begin your decluttering! If you worry that you can’t do it all by yourself, you have the option to hire someone to clean and organize your house. But if you need the only hand, call in the professionals to do the job!

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