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DIY Ways To Baby Proof Your Home

Maids In A Minute - DIY Ways To Baby Proof Your Home

It was just months ago when you brought your bundle of joy home from the hospital and now, they’re crawling all over the place. You couldn’t be prouder! However, now you need to baby proof your home before Junior gets too curious. Fear not. Maids in a Minute are here to provide you a baby proofing checklist for your home to set you on the right path to protecting your baby. 

Living Space 

When protecting your child from dangers in the living quarters, be thorough. Babies are terribly curious and like to pull, push, and put items into other objects. Things to look out for are entertainment centers, bookshelves, televisions, the fireplace, loose cords, curtains/blinds, outlets, sharp edges, and vents. The following list contains ways to baby proof your home the DIY way. 

  • Anchor furniture to walls with DIY U-brackets made from a block of wood and two L-brackets. 
  • Edges – Pool noodles or pipe insulators, when slit on the side, work well to protect Junior from banging his head. They also make great door stoppers. 
  • Fireplace – ABC foam mats work well to cushion any material surrounding your fireplace. 
  • Cords – Plastic shoe containers can be adapted to contain all your loose cords with this tutorial
  • Curtains/Blinds – By using two small command hooks attached to the window frame, wrap up the loose blind cords out of harm’s way. 
  • Outlets – For a quick fix, use painter’s tape or bandages to cover outlets from prying little fingers. 
  • Vents – Window screen mesh is just the correct type of material to allow airflow through your vents while preventing Junior from pushing toys through the slats. 


It’s terrifying to watch your child fall down the stairs, stand up, then laugh, but it’s preventable. The best protection is to place a baby gate at the base of your staircase and at the top. Also, make sure to protect the space between the railings. Carpets and throw rugs are also a potential tripping hazard you should be aware of when baby proofing your home. 

  • Baby Gate – These DIY baby gates offer a variety of styles to fit all sorts of needs for your little one. 
  • Railings – MDF board is a light-weight fiberboard that can be used along with zip ties to keep your baby from falling through the railings or from throwing toys downstairs. 
  • Non-slip Flooring – By applying beads of hot glue to the underside of your rugs or loose carpets you will create non-slip flooring. 


Regardless of age, the kitchen is a dangerous place if safety is not taken into consideration. To baby proof a room, consider all locations your child will find curious, such as drawers, doors, knobs, shiny items, etc. 

  • Drawers – A couple of different DIY ideas include sliding a yardstick through the handles or using wooden mixing spoons in the handles.  
  • Cabinets – Secure cabinet doors with dollar store dog collars. As seen here
  • Refrigerator – By using large command hooks on the door and the main part of the fridge, you will make a homemade lock just by using a hair tie or rubber band. 


The best way to prevent your baby from messing with stuff in the bathroom is to keep the door shut. If your child is older and capable of opening doors, then follow these simple DIY baby proofing ideas: 

  • Sharp Items – Instead of throwing out old medicine bottles, use them to baby-proof your sharp items. For example, an old medicine bottle makes a great cover for your razor. 
  • Toilet – To keep your toilet from becoming a fishing hole, use small command hooks and hair ties to prevent Junior from opening the lid. 
  • Toilet Paper – A simple rubber band wrapped around your toilet paper roll will prevent your little ones from making a monstrous mess. 
  • Closet doors – Perhaps one of the simplest DIY fixes to prevent finger pinches is to place a hanger over the knobs of the closet doors. If it’s a single door, place a large command hook sideways on the wall and use a rubber band to secure the door to the hook. 

Taking the time to examine your home makes a huge difference when your goal is to protect your family. Not only does it keep Junior from harm, but it gives you peace of mind when your back is turned—even for a split second. Though children think we have eyes in the back of our heads we don’t. Don’t let the baby blues get you down. With this in-depth list, you have a head start and know what you need to look for and how to proceed. Enjoy every moment—they grow up fast.

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