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Don’t Let Homeschool Beat You: 5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy

Millions of parents all over the country are homeschooling their kids, or remote-learning to be more specific. You’re not alone. Keeping your home 100% tidy and clean while your kids are home, is not realistic. But, there are a few hacks and tips you can implement to maintain your home enjoyable and pleasant, with the majority of things clean and in their place. Keep reading and discover five essential tips. For a great homeschool setup at home.

  1. Create a learning space

One of the first things you must do is designate a place for studying and taking their classes online. The goal is to keep the other areas of the house clean and tidy, while in the class-space, your kids are free to do their activities and maybe be a little messy. Also, having a particular area for homeschooling will establish a set of rules to control the clutter and the mess. The following points here will help you with everything else.

  1. Involve your family

This is crucial if you have a big family. People are staying home more often, which increases the clutter, the number of dirty dishes, and many other cleaning chores. You can’t leave your family out of this! Think of easy ways they can help you with the cleaning. Small kids can help you wipe the tables, put everything in the right place, and other easy tasks. Most importantly, you all must agree on a schedule for cleaning and who is going to do which chores. Which brings us to the third point. 

  1. Establish cleaning schedules

Nobody likes to clean, but with a good system, the chores will become more bearable, even relaxing. The trick is not letting the work accumulate—clean two or three times a day, in 15 or 20 minutes sessions. Teach your kids to tidy up after they finish their class. Wash the dishes after lunch. Plan your routine with time, and don’t set too many rules in one day. Leave one or two days to test them. And last but not least: show your kids that cleaning can be a time to relax and stretch the body after one or two hours of studying.

  1. Clean on the go

Most of the time, the house seems untidy only because there are open books on the table, chairs out of place, or a desk filled with school tools. Sometimes the mess can extend to the kitchen or the living room because of lunchtime or a quick reading session on the couch. Teach your family to put everything in the right place right after they finished using it. That easy task can be forgettable, but vital. You can make it a game or a contest and reward the neatest person in the house.

  1. Consider outdoor classes

Suddenly the world changed, and your kids can go out and play. It’s a difficult situation for all, but if you want to maintain order, cleanliness, and peace in your home, consider adding more outdoor activities and exercise to your routine. Even better, combine classes with little excursions to the park or museums. Don’t be afraid to learn and have fun. Let your kids express themselves. A good piece of advice is to ask your children what activity they want to learn and choose one that can be performed indoors or in little excursions.

Much of these tips are not easy to implement at full potential. Knowing how to homeschool is a tricky art, especially for the millions of parents that are now having to do this unexpectedly because of the coronavirus. You’ll have to sit down a few days and think about it. Don’t expect results in one day. Keep trying, and you’ll find a system that works for you. Remember that if you need a professional cleaning service for your home, Maids In A Minute can help you. Book your service online.

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