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Quick and Easy Farmington Hills Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Why Do You Need to Maintain an Appropriate Kitchen Cleaning

Your home kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, because it is used to so often. It gets dirtier faster than the rest of your home. Cleaning your kitchen can seem like a challenging and dreadful task. It is also a task that you are just too exhausted to tackle after a long work day. Thankfully, there ann-arbor-house-cleaning1are quick and easy Farmington Hills kitchen cleaning tips that you can utilize to make cleaning your kitchen easier.

Start On the Right

When you are cleaning any room in your house that is extremely dirty, it is a good idea to start on the right side of the room and work clockwise. This will ensure that you are constantly moving forward rather than working on counterproductive tasks like sweeping before you wipe down the countertops. When you sweep the floor before wiping down the countertops, you are going to have to sweep again to get the new crumbs off the floor. It is best to start on the right side of your kitchen, move clockwise and then tackle your floors last.

Clean Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Cleaning the sink of your kitchen is extremely important. You use your kitchen sink to pour drinks down, to dispose of leftover foods and for cooking foods. Did you know a kitchen sink has more bacteria than a bathroom toilet seat? To get rid of this bacteria clean your sink with soap and water first then spray in vinegar or special cleaning chemicals from the store.

Water that is heavy in minerals can leave behind a white, crusty material in and around your kitchen sink. This material looks unattractive and can carry bacteria. Clean and dry your sink completely to avoid unsightly water marks.

If you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen you can use a few drops of oil to buff out any stains or marks.

Clean the Oven and Stove Regularly

Kitchen-cleaningWhen you are cooking, the main appliance you use is your stove top. A stove top can become covered in dirt and food particles. This will not only make your kitchen look terrible, but it can also cause food to burn and make your stove top malfunction. It is a good habit to wipe down your stove top right after you cook. This will keep the food from hardening and make cleaning your stove easier.

Nowadays, the oven is a completely separate appliance than the stove top. It is usually in between two sets of cabinets, and don’t attach to the stove top like in the past. However, it still requires the same amount of cleaning. Most modern ovens have a built in cleaning feature that take about two or three hours to run. The burning smell can be annoying, but the processes is easy and having a clean oven is something you will enjoy.

Clean As You Cook

One of the things that makes kitchen cleaning so difficult is procrastination. When you allow old food and dirty dishes to sit around for several hours, cleaning them can be a nightmare.

To make cleaning your Farmington Hills kitchen easy, clean as you cook. Cleaning bowls and pans before eating a meal can save you time and it get the job done faster!

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