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Your Go-To Halloween Bash Hosting Guide

The end of October is just around the corner, that means the season of Halloween is nigh! And what excellent way to celebrate it than throwing a fun Halloween Bash!
However, does the thought of hosting a Halloween Bash leave you a little frazzled? No worries, we are here to help you! Here is a step-by-step guide packed with simple suggestions to help you host a Halloween Bash successfully! Follow this guide and your friends and family will be talking about your Halloween Bash for weeks, guaranteed!

Step 1: Let’s Get This Party Planned Out

Okay, before you begin your shopping spree for the Halloween Bash, keep yourself organized. Start by first providing answers to the following questions:

  • How big of a Halloween Bash are you prepared to host?
  • How much can you shell out for the Halloween Bash?
  • When exactly can you host your Halloween Bash?
  • Where are you going host your Halloween Bash, at home or will you need to rent a space?    
  • Who do you spend your time during the Halloween Bash?

Once you answer the questions above, you can efficiently plan out your Halloween bash. After that, it is time to send your invitations. Accomplish it either using online electronic mail (email) or the regular, old-fashioned way –  with post mail!

Step 2: Remember, Never Compete

Make it a point not to compete with trick-or-treaters and other established Halloween festivities by hosting your party on October 31. We recommend hosting your Halloween Bash the weekend before or after. It is because Halloween rarely lands on weekends, which, everyone agrees, as the ideal point to host any party.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Halloween Bash Theme

Choosing the theme for your Halloween Bash will help you to focus — while sticking to your budget. The most popular Halloween themes for teens and adults are Vampires & Werewolves, Haunted Mansion, Zombie Apocalypse, and Frankenstein’s laboratory. For the younger crowd, we recommend you stick to cute ghosts, jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and candy monsters. Harry Potter’s Wizarding World and Little Monsters are also good theme ideas or just stick to the basic black-and-orange motif.

Step 4: Never Decorate on the Last Minute

It is one of the most committed no-no’s when hosting any party. Never leave decorating on the very last minute. You do not want to wrestle with artificial cobwebs, inflatable ghosts or creating a lawn graveyard the morning before your Halloween Bash. Try to put your decorations in your yard, entryway, and house throughout the month. That way, you can meet most of the decorating needs on your to-do list.

Step 5: Create an Awesome Halloween Bash Playlist

No one wants to hear “The Monster Mash” song playing on a loop throughout a party! Prepare an awesome Halloween Bash playlist, include classics like Thriller by Michael Jackson, and Zombie by The Cranberries. Do not know what to put on your playlist? Here are a few suggestions.

Step 6: Set the Ideal Mood Lighting

You would not want your Halloween Bash to be bright and cheerful. Set the mood of your party by simply switching out standard light bulbs with green, orange, or yellow colored bulbs. Additionally, placing several strategically-positioned candles can further set the ambiance in the venue. Also, if you have a dance floor, try adding a blacklight, it would provide a more Halloweeny vibe.

Step 8: Play Some Ghoulish Games

Plan a few exciting and engaging activities and games to entertain your guests. It is a must, especially if it is a Halloween Bash for kids. Try Scary Movie Trivia, What’s in the Box, Pumpkin Bowling, Wrap the Mummy, or team up for a few rounds of Zombie Pictionary. Doing A few light physical games will help sugar-loaded kids burn off some energy.

Step 9: DIY Goody Bag Goodness

Whether you are skillful with a glue gun or handicraft-challenged, giving kids a small homemade souvenir after a party is always nice. A few weeks before hosting your Halloween Bash, check online for some quick Halloween Goody Bag ideas. It can be as easy as a treat bag stuffed with gummy worms & creepy crawlers or something more elaborate like the hand-stitched Felt Monster Buddy.

Do you have anything to add to our guide? Feel free to share them in the Comments section below. There you go! Hope you have a Scary Happy Halloween!

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