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How to Do A Great Spring Cleaning Schedule

Spring is here! Do you know what this means? Spring cleaning!

It’s time to get energized and clean your home thoroughly. You can now deep clean the neglected parts of your house such as your basement, closets, etc. or just getting rid of useless stuff.

Are you ready to make your home squeaky clean? Let’s get started!

Here are some tips to help you make a spring cleaning schedule:

1. Create your spring cleaning checklist

Before you get on with cleaning, you must first know what to clean thus, creating a cleaning schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. You need to evaluate your own home and cleaning needs. 

Think of these checklists as your way of making it crystal clear what tasks should be completed and how to get a particular job done. Marking off items as you finish a specific work gives you that sense of accomplishment you’ll need to stick to your new routine.

2. Fill in your day

Once you’ve determined what sort of cleaning plan will work best for your household, you can start cleaning. Read your master checklist and coordinate it with your preferred schedule. This way, you can decide which chores you should do first.

3. Spring clean your home

Once you’ve created what you think is a good spring cleaning schedule for your home and family life, the next step is to give it a try. Here’s a list of spring cleaning chores that you might like.

Here’s a strategy you can follow:

  • Laundry- Jump-start your spring cleaning by going from room to room, gathering anything that can go in the wash. Bedding, slipcovers, shower curtains, rugs, bath mats, throw pillows, and more can go in the washer for a hands-off cleanup.
  • Front door- Before you start cleaning the rooms in your home, give your outdoor entryway some attention. Dust cobwebs by your porch light and change the bulb if needed, and wipe down the doorbell and mailbox.
  • Bathroom- Now that you’re ready to head inside, start your spring cleaning in the bathroom. Start by applying products that work on dirt without any scrubbing. Take off the toilet seat and then use water and a paste of baking soda to clean the inside and outside of the toilet, particularly under the rim.If you already have another cleaning method that works for you, go for it!
  • Bedroom- As with any room, clean the bedroom, from top to bottom, so you don’t drop dirt to spots you already cleaned, change your bedding and clean all countertops.
  • Living room- Use a lint roller to remove dust from living room lampshades. Spring cleaning is a great time to hit commonly missed spots—a dry or damp Q-Tip can get in the crevices of the remote control, and a microfiber cloth should take fingerprints off a light switch.
  • Dining room- If you light candles in your dining area, wipe down your walls with equal parts of white vinegar and warm water to get rid of any soot buildup. Next, as you clean the table and chairs, make sure to scrub the underside of the seats.
  • Kitchen- Using your top-down strategy, clean off your kitchen cabinet handles and doors. Wipe it with a cleaning spray, then polish the wood with coconut oil. Next, scour your freezer and fridge for food that is spoiled or has freezer burn. Then, wash the rubber gasket on your fridge door with soapy water to keep the seal tight and prevent cold air from escaping.
  • Closets, Garages, and Basements- To wrap up spring cleaning, transition your hall closet from winter to spring. Swap out heavy coats for lighter jackets, and put hats and scarves away in favor of visors and sunglasses. Do the same in the garage or basement, replacing ice scrapers and snow shovels for sports equipment and beach toys.

We know that spring cleaning is a hefty job for an individual, but there’s always help! You can count on a trusted house cleaning service to the spring cleaning for you! For now, we hope these tips can assist you in making your schedule for spring!

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