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How to Get More Space in Your Closet?

How to get more space in your closet?

Do you have a small closet? Do you want more space for your new stuff? Or do you open your closet and seem to have “nothing to wear”? Well, there is one simple answer to your problem.

Buy a new closet! No, just kidding.

If you want to get the space you want, you will have to keep these 5 tips in mind. You must maintain order in your closet by organizing. But, it’s easier said than done, huh?

If you don’t know where to start, here are five things you can do to help you maximize your closet space:

1. Does it still fit or is it something you still wear?

Don’t fool yourself that you’ll lose or gain the weight to fit in that shirt you bought three months ago. Those aren’t going to inspire you to hit the gym! You can only wear what fits you now. You won’t change your shirt size in a single day.

And stop clinging to those clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Be honest to yourself. Toss out the pieces you can’t and no longer wear by using the hanger trick. Wean out those clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Put your worn clothes on hangers that face one way, and those you don’t wear another way. Then remove those clothes that are not worn.

And what about those shoes? Worn out shoes can be very comfortable, yes. But they aren’t exactly very attractive to look at, don’t you think? Your shoes are one of the first things that people will notice about you. Don’t let other people think you’re a hobo and toss those weathered sneakers out! Or, instead of using your closet for stashing your shoes in, use under-the-bed storage bags or bins to save more closet space.

2. Get rid of the clutter

If it’s not your clothes or shoes, or tiny accessories, it’s clutter. Remove things that don’t belong in your closet. It could be a box of stuff you stored a year ago you said you’d take out “later.”

Or plastic covers from the dry cleaners that you used to protect your clothes from dust. Reality check, they don’t protect your clothes. They prevent the dry cleaning chemicals from evaporating. This can be harmful to your health.

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3. Every space matters

No matter how small, every bit of space you can use matters. Switch out those thick and bulky hangers for thinner ones. Try it! You’ll be shocked by how much space this saves.

Also, be mindful of how you group your clothes based on length. Organize them by keeping short-length pieces on one side and long-length pieces on the other. You may also try adding a bar to allow all the short clothes in one area. Like shirts for the top bar and pants or skirts for the bottom bar. There are small bars available that hang from the top bar.

This gives you more floor space. You can use this space for stacking up shoe boxes, a shoe rack, or install shelves or compartments.

4. Use the magic of mirrors

This space maximizing hack has been used by organizers and even room decorators. Mirrors create an illusion of having a bigger room. So you can also use them to make your space look bigger.

Hang a mirror – or two – on your closet doors. You can hang them inside or outside the doors, whichever you like.

5. Another closet door hack…

Aside from mirrors, you can also use your closet doors for more storage. Use hang hooks or corkboards to store your bags, belts, or scarves. You can also use hanging shoe storages to save more space if you have a lot of shoes.

You should try DIY projects in the internet that can help you save more space. And even if DIY projects requires more time, you get to save more money than buying organizers at the mall. Donate or sell those things you don’t use. Or have a friend come over and pass something on as a gift to them. And if you have kids, old shirts make good paint coverings for them.

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