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How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpets (Using Common Tools!)

Dog hair and fabrics get along better than you would like. When carpets are involved, things can get out of hand—especially when not even your trusty vacuum cleaner seems to fix the issue. However, there are tools incredibly suited for removing dog hair from your carpets, some in unexpected ways! 

Check out the following methods and forget about hairy carpets or rugs!

Method #1. Rubber gloves

It may not be the most effective method on this list, but it will help you in a hurry. Besides, rubber gloves are one of the most common articles in every homeowner’s cleaning kit, so you won’t have much trouble getting ahold of them. 

For this quick method, slip on your gloves and wipe the carpet with your hands. As you go, the gloves will attract more and more hair due to static buildup. If the gloves get covered with too much fur, clean them with warm water—and dry them before continuing.

Recommended for: Cleaning small rugs or specific spots on your carpets.

Method #2. Lint roller

Lint rollers let you pick up hair (and many other particles) in your carpets amazingly fast. Also, their small size makes them perfect for small spaces other tools can’t reach or clean properly.

Collecting hair with a lint roller is as easy as it gets. Roll it along your carpet, and the sticky tube will do all the work. If you apply a little pressure, you can collect even more fur.

Recommended for: Quickly cleaning small low-pile rugs and carpets.

Method #3. A squeegee

The rubber squeegee head makes it a perfect tool to clean your carpets, as the static buildup of rubber helps to lift hair and dirt stuck in the fibers. 

Choose a side on your carpet and use short strokes until reaching the other end. Rather than collecting the fur in its head, the squeegee will help you form clumps you can drag along.

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized low-pile carpets.

Method #4. Grooming brush

Grooming brushes are small, but their long and sturdy bristles reach deep into the carpet fibers, collecting more hair than the previous methods.

To use yours, brush the surface of your carpet repeatedly with short and firm strokes. Don’t worry if the brush gets full of hair; pull it off, and you’ll be able to continue.

Recommended for: Deep cleaning small carpets and rugs.

Method #5. Rubber carpet rake

Long rubber-made bristles make this tool one of the best to clean your carpets thoroughly. On top of that, its long handle saves you the hassle of kneeling to pick up the hair.

Carpet rakes work similarly to a grooming brush, using repeated strokes to lift the hair off the carpet. To pick up the hair more effectively, rake your carpets from one end to the other, following the same general direction. That way, you’ll collect the hair in one easy-to-clean spot.

Recommended for: Deep cleaning medium to large-sized carpets and rugs.

Method #6. Pet vacuum cleaner

Pet vacuum cleaners are the ultimate dog hair remover thanks to specialized filters and accessories, as well as higher suction power. Although they come in different sizes, bigger ones help you get the work done faster.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in one right now, you can go for a cheaper option: an upholstery attachment. While not as effective as a pet vacuum cleaner, the brush added to your trusty vacuum will make things much easier.

Recommended for: Cleaning thoroughly every type of carpets and rugs.

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