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Increase your Productivity with a Clean Desk

Do you think that cleanliness is next to productiveness? If so, you must have a clean and organized desk. Although, busy days in the office can get quite stressful. Thinking about cleaning your desk is one of the things you wouldn’t think of doing after late nights in the office.

When you have motivational outbursts, you would want to have a clean desk instead of searching through piles and piles of paperwork for your pen. Don’t let a messy desk hinder your productivity!

Here are helpful tips from Maid Near Me Phoenix that you can do to keep your desk clean and organized:

Tip #1 Get rid of unwanted clutter

Pretty obvious, huh? It’s simple if it doesn’t serve a purpose, get rid of it. Stuff like picture frames and knick-knacks don’t help you in working to keep them off your workspace. Doing this will help you save more space you can use for other things. Plus, extra stuff on the table doesn’t exactly make your desk more “decorative” if you have a pile of paperwork to finish.

Tip #2 Get a trash can within your reach

You wouldn’t want to get up just to throw away a bad idea crumpled on a piece of paper. Having a trash can beside you will help you stay “in the zone” whenever you need to throw something away. Oh, and by the way, playing paper toss isn’t productive.

Tip #3 Don’t put trash on your desk

Don’t set down trash on your desk to throw it in the garbage “later.” Practice holding it in your hand or following tip #2 to prevent your litter from accumulating on your desk. Plus, if you have a ton of paperwork to finish, having a half-empty cup of coffee is an imminent spill hazard.

Tip #4 Throw away paper you don’t need

Let’s face it; you will never use those used papers you saved as “scrap paper” for later. A filing system will help you with knowing what you need and what don’t need. Don’t hoard, put it in the recycling once you’re done with it.

Tip #5 Organize incoming and outgoing paperwork

Just like what we’ve mentioned in tip #5, having a filing system will help you filter out which is incoming and which is outgoing. With this, you can throw out the unneeded papers that are done, and prioritize those that need to be done.

You can also try sorting out your papers by priority or by their deadline. This will help you organize your thoughts and not think about the other things so you can focus on what’s needed right now.

Tip #6 Clean before you leave

The best way to maintain the cleanliness of your desk is too clean before you leave the office. You wouldn’t want your boss to come to your desk and see the clutter of the day (or the week) in your area, right?

If you clean before you leave, you let yourself see a better workplace tomorrow. Your desk doesn’t have to match the stressful environment your office can become. Who doesn’t want to go to work to a clean environment first thing in the morning?

Keeping your desk clean gives off an impression that you love your work enough to maintain a healthy environment. Give yourself a place that actually makes you want to work. While you’re at work, try hiring professional housekeeping services to clean your house. That’s one less place you have to clean, don’t you think?

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