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Independent Maids Vs. Cleaning Companies: What’s The Difference?

When people look for a professional cleaner, they quickly find out that cleaning services vary greatly! For example, some cleaning companies focus on cleaning alone, while you can also find housekeepers who help you with other housework tasks.

But the most significant difference comes from the professional cleaners themselves. They could be part of a company, or they could be working solo! Is this information relevant for you as a client? Of course! 

You need to know the benefits and drawbacks of cleaning companies and independent cleaners to choose the best for your home!

What exactly is an independent maid? 

Independent maids are basically (and mostly) solo contractors that work with the clients directly. They don’t use an intermediary to set their prices and procedures. Usually, the cost, tasks, and schedule are defined at the beginning of the cleaner/client relationship.

And what’s a cleaning company?

Cleaning companies hire and train people to become professional cleaners. Cleaners usually work full-time and have less agency about the costs, the tasks performed, and the services in general. Details are predefined and standardized by the cleaning company.

What service should you hire?

At a glance, both independent cleaners and workers in a cleaning company seem almost the same. However, they both have unique benefits that can make one or another best option for you. 

Here are the most important differences!

1. Price

Comparing costs between an independent cleaner and a cleaning company can be tricky. Cleaning companies generate higher overhead costs. However, an independent cleaner may charge less, but they don’t have the support of a cleaning company.

For example:

If an independent cleaner suffers an accident and is not insured, it will annihilate your budget! However, a cleaning company usually is accountable for any mishap!

2. Flexibility

With most cleaning companies, what you see is what you get. The bigger the company, the less flexible it is! On the other hand, independent contractors have the agency to decide which tasks they can perform. 

That doesn’t mean that independent maids will do every errand you ask from them. However, finding an independent contractor that does what you need is much easier. 

3. Legal obligations

When the cleaner works with a company, the company makes sure to fulfill its obligations. If they are employees, those obligations are workers’ comp, insurance, taxes, and many other boring things no client wants to know.

When you take an independent cleaner to your home, you may be responsible for some obligations. But it’s not always the case. For example, a liable contractor should manage their own insurance and taxes.

However, the IRS could decide that you are an employer and not a client!

4. Trustworthiness and skill

Who makes sure that a cleaner is fit for the job? If it’s working in a cleaning company, the same company has to assess them! However, if you are hiring an independent contractor, never skip the interview, background check, and trial!

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