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8 Tricks for Keeping Your Novi Refrigerator Clean and Organized

Depositphotos_2177407_XSYou finally hired the perfect Novi maid service to help you keep your home clean and organized. While they always leave your home spotless and clean, there are still small things that you have to do to improve your home.

One of the most challenging things to handle alone is the cleaning of your fridge. A fridge fills with leftovers and old, outdate food. It is important to have a regular fridge cleaning schedule to keep your kitchen clean. Here are 10 tricks for keeping your Novi refrigerator clean and organized. The following are

8 Tricks for Keeping Your Novi Refrigerator Clean and Organized:

  1. Keep The Temperature Cool

The refrigerator in your home can be set at the perfect temperature in order to function properly, . Not only does this help keep your food fresh for a longer period of time, but it also helps you avoid growing harmful food bacteria.

  1. Start from the Bottom Up

When you are filling your refrigerator up after a long day of grocery shopping, start from the bottom and fill up. You should always store raw meats and seafood on the bottom shelves to prevent drips and contamination. Be sure that these products are keep properly.

  1. Install Humidity Control Drawers

Modern day refrigerators have a humidity setting that allows you to control the amount of humidity that enters each drawer. Each drawer can set on the perfect level to maintain optimal freshness. Generally there is a separate drawer for fruits and vegetables since these two items need to be stored at a different level of humidity.

  1. Ditch Leftovers Sooner

In addition, one of the worst parts about cleaning out your Novi refrigerator can be throwing away old, rotting leftovers. Generally after a big meal, the leftover food can be distribute into containers and put into the fridge for later. Unfortunately, if they are not eaten, these leftovers tend to push towards the back and forgotten. It is a good rule of thumb is to store leftovers for up to four days in a glass or clean container.

  1. Avoid Crowding

For a refrigerator to work properly, air needs to circulate around the food to keep it cold. If your refrigerator is full and items are put together in warm spots and cool spaces tend to develop. This can cause bacteria to grow and your food to spoil faster.

  1. Baking Soda

To avoid bad smells in your refrigerator, leave a box of baking soda in the door. They make special boxes of baking soda that can open from the sides. It can absorb bad smells when putting in doors.

  1. Wipe Down Regularly

The inside of your refrigerator can become dirty quickly. There are items that will spill, slosh and leak all over the shelves of your refrigerator. It is important to wipe down your refrigerator. You should make a good habit of wiping spills and messes when fresh to keep your fridge tidy and clean.

  1. Keep your Items Whole

Novi-Refrigerator-CleanAs you can see these 8 Tricks for Keeping Your Novi Refrigerator Clean and Organized are easy to do and will work for you every time. It is also important not to slice food until you’re ready to consume it, unless you are freezing the items. If you chop your meat, fruit or vegetables, they are ten times more likely to spoil at a faster rate.

When you take advantage of these 8 quick and easy tips for keeping your refrigerator clean and organize in Novi, your entire kitchen will feel more functional.

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