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The Advantage of Having a Safe and Clean Office

Why Do You Need an Efficient Office Cleaning Services?

Office cleaning provided by a professional office cleaning service, provides much more than a nice, neat place to work – it has additional benefits that pay for themselves. Studies have shown that companies who utilize a professional office cleaning service get more productivity out of their employees, and this correlation is consistent for a variety of reasons.

There are two major reasons why professional office cleaning service Flint increase employee productivity – the reduction of workload, and improved environmental conditions.

Reasons in Increasing an Employee Productivity

Reduce Multitasking for Employees

Employees who are asked to clean on top of their regular duties are less likely to do a quality job because of being overburdened. This doesn’t just mean they’ll do average work on their tasks, but they will do so on the cleaning, as well. Basically, if an employee is asked to wash their own windows, clean their own floors, dust, sweep, and mop, on top of doing their own daily tasks, something will suffer for it – either their daily tasks will slip behind, or they will not be able to complete all of the cleaning in addition to their regular work in one day.

This results in lower morale, increased stress, and reduced productivity. The National Institute of Mental Health states that asking employees to do such multitasking results in a decrease in efficiency of 20 to 40 percent. In other words, employees who are asked to clean their own work environment in addition to their normal duties do not have time to do everything – which results in longer hours (and overtime pay), and declining work performance which can have an impact on customer service.

Cleaner Buildings Mean Fewer Sick Days

A study in 2009, performed by the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate of the University of San Diego, discovered that employee productivity increased as a result of professional office cleaning services. To confirm the correlation, they discovered that employees felt better about working in a clean environment, and were psychologically boosted. With morale boosted, they became more productive. Additionally, the cleaner environments reduced harmful bacteria and the presence of viruses – and employees stopped calling in sick as often, thereby increasing productivity in reduced sick days. The improvement in air quality provides relief for allergy and asthma sufferers, resulting in better concentration, less illness, and general improvement in all areas of the

Other Benefits

Hiring professional office cleaning service in Flint gives the company a break on cleaning supply costs, as the service provides their own supplies. If the employer doesn’t have to keep stocked with cleaning supplies, that is often well worth the expense of a professional service. That, plus the benefits listed above, help to make office cleaners well worth the investment.

When choosing Flint office cleaners, select those who have the company’s best interests in mind, and who know that a cleaner office environment means a better place to work. Increase employee productivity by adding a reliable, affordable office cleaning service!


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