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Pet-Proofing Your Home – The Basics and More

Your family has just expanded with the arrival of your precious new pet and everyone is overjoyed! But if you’re welcoming a dog or cat into your home without pet-proofing it, we have to stop you right there! The importance of pet-proofing cannot be ignored for the sake of your pet’s health, your own and of course, the condition of your house!

Pets are everything from loving and loyal to curious and mischievous. One minute they’re chewing on their toys, the next it’s that pair of shoes you left by the door! Now, you can’t watch your pets all day and teaching them obedience requires months of training; so in the meantime, the only thing left to do is pet-proof the house. We’re going to walk you through each room of your home and tell you how you can make it more pet-safe.

1. Living Room

This is an area where there are plenty of wires, curios and breakable items. Look around and consider places or things that could pose a threat to your pet’s safety or could be damaged with a little nibbling! Tape or tie up wires so that they are out of reach and not left dangling to tempt your pet. Similarly, keep breakable items out of reach or pushed against the wall or backs of shelves and cabinets. Curtains and cushions are also tempting ‘chew toys’ or ‘ladders’ for dogs and cats so keep your drapes or curtains away from the floor and avoid leaving small cushions lying around.

2. Kitchens and Bathrooms

In most households, these are places where you find stored food products and packages, chemicals, cleaning agents, medicines, cleaning supplies, sharp objects, etc. Apart from storing items out of reach, it’s important that you put childproof latches on bottom cabinets where you store chemicals or harmful items as your pet is capable of opening cabinet doors with their snout or paws. Dustbins will also need child latches or to be kept inside cabinets with a latch. Don’t forget to keep your toilet paper/rolls out of reach because that is one of a pet’s favorite things to get their teeth and paws on!

3. Bedrooms

Clothes, shoes, wires, medicines, cosmetics, accessories, small objects (that can be swallowed), etc; the bedroom is a place where pets can really cause havoc or harm themselves. Pets are capable of swallowing small objects or playing with sharp objects which can be deadly for them. Be sure not to leave any of these items lying around including jewelry, gadgets, chargers, shoes and clothes. Anything that you think your pet will end up chewing on should be moved to an unreachable place. Even lotions and cosmetics can be harmful if consumed by your pet so store them away safely.

While the basics of pet-proofing remain the same, each home and its components are unique; therefore, it’s important that you look at each room from your pet’s perspective (and angle) to better understand what you need to do to make your home a safer environment for pets.

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