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Smelly Fridge? How To Clean Inside Your Refrigerator Using Vinegar

Did you know that refrigerators were invented in 1913? Probably not, but you surely have one home! These appliances keep the food fresh, and they’re now an essential part of every kitchen.

However, even though fridges are essential appliances that make life easier, they still need cleaning. Otherwise, food residue can build up, and foul smells will linger.  

Don’t overlook cleaning your fridge! Keep reading to learn how to tackle this chore with vinegar and elbow grease. 

How to clean your refrigerator with white vinegar

Food residues invite bacteria, putting your household at risk. Fortunately, you can eliminate any potential harm by using white vinegar as a powerful ally!

Step #1. Prepare a solution

As said, white vinegar is a central piece in cleaning your refrigerator. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You can also make the solution in a bowl and dampen a microfiber cloth to apply it.

Step #2. Take out the stuff

After the solution is ready, take out everything inside your refrigerator. Start by clearing the fridge of all the food and continue with the shelves and drawers. It is best to have a cooler at hand to keep everything fresh while you clean.

If you also are going to clean the freezer, disconnect the appliance before you take out all the stuff—that way, it will have time to defrost.

Step #3. Here comes the cleaning!

It’s time for the nitty-gritty. Apply the vinegar solution on every surface inside the fridge with the spray bottle. Watch especially for stains. You can do the same with the freezer, then let it rest for five minutes.

While the mix takes effect, wash the shelves and drawers in your sink. Prepare warm soapy water and scrub the organizers. Then, let them air-dry on a towel.

After five minutes, go back to your fridge and wipe the solution. Watch for remaining stains, spray them, and use a toothbrush to get rid of them.

Step #4. Rinse and take everything back inside!

You are now in the final stretch! Grab a damp microfiber cloth to rinse the vinegar from the inside. Then, wipe the moisture thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth.

You can start returning the contents by putting the shelves and drawers back in place, then the food belonging to the freezer, as it can be sensitive to temperature changes. Finally, put everything else back.

To finish with an even better result, take advantage of this step by checking if there are items you no longer need. Discard the expired food, and your refrigerator will thank you.

Finishing touch: Prevent foul odors

Your fridge might be fresh now, but it can present bad smells down the line. Although it’s normal, it’s not pleasant. Here’s a wonderful tip: put a tiny plate with baking soda inside your refrigerator, and the powder will take care of the foul smells. 

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