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Tips to Maintain a Clean Kitchen While You Cook

Yes, cooking can be a little messy sometimes, and that tends to stress out the chef. After all, anything done in chaos leads to a chaotic state of mind where everything starts to go wrong! From cluttered counters and spills on your stovetop to dirty floors and dirty dishes piling up; cooking becomes more of a challenge than it should be and, in some cases, a real dreaded affair.

With that said, you have to know that this needn’t be the case. It is possible to maintain a clean kitchen while cooking if you just follow a few home cleaning rules and guidelines. To do that, here’s a look at some efficient kitchen cleaning tips. This will help keep your kitchen clean and organized as you go about cooking a meal.

How to Maintain a Clean Kitchen at Your Home


1. Before you start cooking, make sure that your counters are cleared. The sink (and dishwasher, if you have one) is empty, and your stovetop is cleaned (additional food spills to an already dirty stovetop will make cleaning much harder). At this stage, you should also get out all the ingredients. You need for the dish and line them up on the counter with an organized manner. For your waste, place a sheet of newspaper in a bowl that will collect vegetable peels and other waste. The last thing to do before food prep is to make a soapy solution in a basin or bucket to soak used tools/utensils.

Kitchen Tools

2. As you begin food prep and cooking, certain kitchen tools, containers and utensils will no longer need to be used for the rest of the dish and hence, can be placed in the basin/bucket to soak. This will make them easier to clean by either hand or the dishwasher. Similarly, ingredients can be put away if they are not needed later so that your counters don’t get cluttered.

Floors and Counters

3. Whether it’s your counters, stovetop or floors, spills are inevitable. We suggest not wasting any time in wiping up spills from your floors and counters. This is while you can’t clean up food spills from your stovetop immediately because of the intense heat. For stovetop spills, pour just enough water over them so that they don’t harden. This will make them much easier to clean when the surface cools down.

Kitchen Utensils

4. Ladles/spoons used for stirring and tasting tend to leave drops of gravy or grease wherever you lay them which cool down quickly and harden. Instead of giving yourself extra work to clean these stains, consider filling some water in a jar where you can stand them up; handle or head up. This will keep them from messing or cluttering up your workspace.


5. While your meal is simmering and you have some free time before you have to check on it, start loading your dishwasher or wash your dishes by hand. Similarly, clear your counters, dispose of your waste and tackle any stains you may have overlooked earlier.

Using the above kitchen cleaning tips from Maid Near Me Phoenix, you’ll be able to calmly and conveniently cook by keeping your kitchen clean and organized as your meal is getting ready!

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