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Window Cleaning Guide: How to Make Your Dirty Windows Gleam Again

Have you waited too long before deciding that your dirty windows need a thorough window cleaning? Well, the chances are that the windows in your home have reached a dirty, murky state that’s left you squinting to see through them!

For some reason, windows cleaning is often overlooked or neglected until you just can’t afford to any longer! Perhaps, homeowners dread cleaning their windows because it seems like a long, troublesome task. However, if you cleaned your windows the way we do, you’d never put it off again! Not only is our method easy to follow, but it’s also extremely useful in making even the dirtiest windows gleam again!

5 Excellent Window Cleaning Guide

1. Wipe the Windows

Before you dampen your windows, it’s important to wipe off the dust and debris that’s settled on it. This process must be done thoroughly to ensure that the glass is free from dirt and dust or the liquid cleanser will end up smearing it around to create an even bigger mess! Take a dust cloth and wipe your window from side to side, inside out, until you’ve reached the bottom of the pane. Be sure to clean the corners properly as this is where dust/dirt collects and hardens.

2. Spot Clean Stubborn Stains

If you want clean windows, spot cleaning is a must. This is because these stubborn stains will not come off completely if you go straight to washing your windows. Hence, we suggested using a little window cleaner and crushed up balls of newspaper to remove hardened dirt stains, insect droppings or other evident stains. Just spritz the stain and wait about ten seconds before you start scrubbing it away.

3. Wash the Windows

For window cleaning process, you can make a sudsy solution of liquid soap and water in a bucket. Now, dip a clean sponge into the bucket and squeeze it to remove some of the water; begin washing your windows by using slow hand movements and just enough pressure to remove dirt. Don’t focus on removing any leftover stains as this will be tackled in the next step. Make sure that your windows become soapy enough when using the sponge or add more liquid soap to the solution before moving on to the next step.

4. Squeegee Water Away

The squeegee doesn’t only remove water, but stains as well. Make an S-pattern or horizontal/vertical movements when using the squeegee for best results. If you can find the Windows that dries up too quickly, wet them again with the sponge. You can also use soapy water before you squeegee them. Also, remember to rinse out the blade of the squeegee now and then so that you don’t end up smearing dirt around the pane.

5. Rinse and Buff Panes

To rinse off your freshly cleaned window panes, take a clean, damp microfiber cloth and wipe from side to side. Pay close attention to corners as the soapy water will be fairly evident there. Once your windows are completely dry, you can buff them with newspaper. Only crush paper sheets into balls and scrub your window panes to buff!

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